Politics in the State of Louisiana

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Polls In The State Of Louisiana Leading Upto The November 6, 2012 General Election

Louisiana -  Presidential

Barack Obama  
Mitt Romney
[Latest polls pending] 


United States Senators of Louisiana State

Mary Landrieu (D)
David Vitter (R)

United States House of Representatives of Louisiana State

Total number of U S Representatives: 7
Republican Party: 6
Democratic Party: 1

Governor of Louisiana State

Bobby Jindal (R)

Louisiana State Senate

Total number of Senators: 39
Republican Party: 22
Democratic Party: 17

Louisiana State House

Total number of Representatives: 105
Republican Party: 57
Democratic Party: 46


Presidential Election 2012

The State of Louisiana is allotted 8 electoral votes out of the current total of 538 in the Electoral College. Louisiana being a winner-takes-all state the winning candidate will receive all 8 electoral votes. To win the Presidency, a candidate needs 270 electoral votes.
In Presidential election 2008 Senator McCain won  in the State of Louisiana with 58.56% of the vote to Senator Obama's 39.93%. [U.S. Electoral College, 2012: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2011]

U.S. House of Representatives Election in Louisiana, 2012

The State of Louisiana lost one of it's seven congressional seats on account of the 2010 United States census.
A redistricting bill with a new map encompassing the six new districts was passed in the State House and State Senate and signed in to law by Governor Jindal on April 14, 2012.

Louisiana conducts it's election process a little different from the other states of the Union. It does not hold a primary  prior to  the date of the general election - November 6, 2012.
The State uses a blanket primary system under which all candidates regardless of the party, run in the same primary which will be held on November 6, 2012. To be declared an overall winner of the seat, a candidate must receive more than 50% of the vote.
If no candidate reaches this threshold, then  a general election will be held on December 8, 2012 between the top two vote getters.

The Candidate Filing Deadline was August 17, 2012.

Following are the six new congressional districts and the candidates on the ballot for November 6, 2012:


Steve Scalise [R] U.S. Rep. of District 1 since 2008
Gary King [R]
M. V. "Vinny" Mendoza [D]
Arden Wells [No Party] Attorney, Tea Party                                               Activist
David Turknett [No Party]


Cedric Richmond [D] U.S. Rep. of District 2 since                                    2011
Gary Landrieu [D]
Josue Larose [R]
Dwayne Bailey [R]
Caleb Trotter [L]


Jeff Landry [R] U.S. Rep of District 3 since 2011
Charles Boustany [R] U.S. Rep of Now-Defunct                                     District 7 since 2005
Bryan Barrilleaux [R] A physician
Ron Richard [D] Attorney
Jim Stark [L] A Truck Driver


John Fleming [R] U.S. Rep.of District 4 since 2009
Randall Lord [L]


Rodney Alexander [R] U.S. Rep of District 5 since                                     2003
Clay Grant [L]
Ron Ceasar [No Party]


Bill Cassidy [R] U.S. Rep. of District 6 since 2009
Rufus Holt Craig, Jr. [L] Lawyer and  Democratic                                        nominee in 2004 (Dist 6)
Richard "RPT" Torregano [I]


Ron Paul Campaign Says Louisiana Delegates Were Chosen Against The Rules

August 1, 2012

Under RNC rules, for Congressman Ron Paul to enter his name in to nomination at the Republican Party Convention in Tampa, he needs majority of delegates in five states. Currently he holds the majority of delegations in Iowa, Minnesota and Maine.

According to a report by CNN Researcher/Producer Adam Levy dated July 27, 2012, Ron Paul's 2012 campaign is preparing to challenge the entire slate of Louisiana's 46 delegates selected at the state party's convention on the basis that they were chosen against the rules.
Also according to the same report, Paul's campaign is also making challenges to delegates in Massachusetts and Oregon, though not for the entire slates.

It is difficult to surmise the intentions of Mr. Paul. It is however obvious that he intends to execute some plan at the Tampa Convention. Will it be to the delight of Governor Romney? We doubt it. With the Governor's reluctance to release his tax returns, one wonders where all this is leading to.

[Total credit goes to Mr. Adam levy of CNN  for the factual information in this article. The opinions are ours.]

Governor Jindal Gets Another Term

[October 23, 2011]
The Louisiana Gubernatorial election of 201
1 was held on October 22 in a nonpartisan blanket primary. The Incumbent Republican Governor Bobby Jindal was elected to a second term. [ABC News 10/23/2011]

There will be no U.S. Senate Election in the State of Louisiana in 2012.